Fireplace roasting

The delight of meat roasted on the fireplace


Fireplace cooking maximises the taste of ingredients

A free standing restaurant by the round-about has a big fireplace which gives an impression of a cottage in the Pyrenees. Meat of the season is roasted by the fire slowly. Fireplace cooking brings out the taste of the meat, so it is simple but dynamic way of cooking. Also wonderful is the wines taken out of the wine cellar containing 4,000 bottles.

From terrace seats, meals can be enjoyed viewing rich nature

Most popular is dry-aging beef cooked by the cindering wood in the fireplace

It is an extremely popular restaurant, so it is advisable to make a reservation. There are tables on the terrace, also

TEL 0267-41-3339
Address 1181-8, Karuizawa, Karuizawa-machi, Nagano-ken
Access A 13-min. walk from Karuizawa Station
Parking 15 cars
Opening hours Lunch 12:00~14:30 (LO) / Dinner 17:00~21:30 (LO)
Closed / Holidays Monday & Tuesday (Enquire for the summer)
Guide of price / Fees Lunch course ¥2,150~, Dinner course ¥4,990~ (plus service charge)