Souvenir / Supermarket DELiCiA Karuizawa

Large supermarket

It is very convenient as the store is open until 10:00 p.m.

Souvenir / Supermarket DELiCiA Karuizawa
お土産・食品スーパー デリシア軽井沢店

There are items that are available only in the store

A wide selection of items are available, including the store’s original processed local foods (e.g. honey, jam, juice and alcoholic beverages) which are suitable as souvenirs, as well as fresh food items with particular emphasis on “safety and reliability”, “locally produced”, flavorsome and freshness. It is exiting just to wander round the store. There is also a terrace to sit down in the fresh air and eat rolls, buns or cooked foods prepared for take out.

A wide variety of meat on which the store makes a commitment for quality and taste

There are a variety of delicious bento packs as take out!

“Grown in Shinshu”; fresh fruits, vegetables, and meat produced in cooperation with local farms, as well as “Produced in Shinshu”; juice, jam, Japanese sake and wine, produced using local ingredients, are DELiCiA’s must-try brands

TEL 0267-42-0505
Address 1323-1002, Nozawahara, Karuizawa, Karuizawa-machi, Nagano-ken
Access A 15-min. walk from Karuizawa Station
Parking 157 cars
Opening hours 09:00~22:00
Closed / Holidays Irregular