Karuizawa cuisine KEI

Japanese cuisine

Delight of peaceful space and local ingredients

Karuizawa cuisine KEI
軽井沢割烹 慶

Bearing in mind good service and comfortable space

Japanese cuisine restaurant where Karuizawa’s seasonal ingredients and fresh seafood can be enjoyed with Japanese sake and wine. Wish of the chef is that guests would enjoy dishes that can only be tasted at this time (and which can only be met here) while feeling the change of season, is implicit in the character 慶Kei. The restaurant’s priority is to provide a service which makes people “feel happiness and wish to visit again”.

Japanese cuisine cooked with love using Karuizawa ingredients is served

Landmark is the signboard written by the first chief monk of Daitokuji temple

Taste of the chef trained in a well-known Tokyo traditional cuisine restaurant is offered in Karuizawa in rich nature

TEL 0267-41-0198
Address 466, Karuizawa, Karuizawa-machi, Nagano-ken
Access A 10-min. walk from Karuizawa Station North exit
Parking 2 cars
Opening hours 11:30~14:00 / 16:00~20:00
Closed / Holidays Irregular
Guide of price / Fees ¥3,850~¥5,500 (plus service charges), ¥16,500 (plus service charges)
Website(English) https://enk-project.biz (first of july~)
Website(Japanese) https://k-project.biz